February 2012 Archives

February 27, 2012

Brais Law Firm Resolves Texas Passenger's Personal Injury Case with Carnival Cruise Line

Texas Cruise Injury Lawyer.gifThe Brais law board certified maritime attorneys resolved a case on behalf of a Texas man who injured his shoulder when he slipped and fell on water in his cabin aboard the Carnival cruise ship SENSATION. Brais Law attorneys argued the ship was not "trimmed" properly which allowed water to slosh over the shower basin and leak onto the cabin's highly polished wooden floor. The case filed in federal court alleges the cruise line's operational negligence combined with the decision to outfit the cabin with an unreasonably slippery floor caused the accident. The parties entered into a confidential settlement while the case was in suit.

February 24, 2012

Brais Law Firm Represents California Passenger in a Slip and Fall Lawsuit Against Major Cruise Line

California Cruise Injury Attorney .gifThe maritime injury lawyers of Brais & Brais filed a lawsuit on behalf of a California passenger who slipped and fell down exterior stairs leading to the pool deck aboard a cruise ship. Court papers allege the cruise line was negligent for not properly drying the stairwell and failing to maintain the non-skid properties of the steps. The accident resulted in an injury to the passenger's back.

February 21, 2012

Brais & Brais Attorneys Represent Injured Tampa, Florida Norwegian Cruise Line Passenger

Florida Cruise Injury Lawyer.gif
The lawyers of Brais & Brais filed a lawsuit in Federal Court on behalf of a Tampa, Florida woman who slipped on the pool deck aboard the Norwegian Cruise Line's NORWEGIAN PEARL. The accident resulted in the passenger suffering a back injury. The complaint alleges NCL was negligent in causing a slipping hazard. This is one of multiple cases the law firm has handled concerning a pool deck slip and fall case aboard the Jewel Class cruise ship. Other NCL ships within the Jewel Class are the: NORWEGIAN JEWEL, NORWEGIAN JADE and NORWEGIAN GEM.

February 21, 2012

Brais & Brais Lawyers File Slip and Fall Case on Behalf of Missouri Carnival Cruise Lines Passenger

Missouri Cruise Injury.jpgThe maritime attorneys of Brais & Brais filed a personal injury lawsuit against Carnival Cruise Lines on behalf of an injured Missouri woman. The complaint alleges Carnival caused a slipping hazard by not properly drying the deck of its cruise ship SPLENDOR and not properly maintaining the anti-slip properties of the deck which caused the Missouri passenger to slip and fall. The accident resulted in a fractured wrist of the passenger's dominate hand.

February 16, 2012

Brais Law Firm Sues United States for 5.2 Million Dollars on Behalf of Injured Indiana Seaman

Indiana Cruise Injury Lawyer.jpgThe maritime accident attorneys of Brais & Brais brought suit in Federal court against the United States for injuries sustained by an American civilian seaman serving aboard a naval seismographic vessel. The complaint filed in West Palm Beach, Florida alleges the government's negligence and the naval vessel's unseaworthness caused the civilian seaman to fall several feet while changing an overhead light fixture without appropriate equipment. The fall resulted in severe injuries to the Indiana man's coccyx, left leg, ankle and toe necessitating 7 surgeries including a fasciotomy. The seaman was also diagnosed with the neurological disorder Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy which the complaint attributes to the delay by the government's agent in providing appropriate medical care. The lawsuit seeks 5.2 million dollars in damages.

February 10, 2012

Brais Law Firm Represents a Connecticut NCL Passenger in a Slip and Fall Case

Connecticut Cruise Injury Lawyer.gifThe Brais Law Firm represents a Connecticut cruise ship passenger who slipped and fell aboard the NORWEGIAN PEARL. Court papers filed in Miami Federal Court allege the passenger was walking under the fixed canopy on the pool (Verandah) deck when she slipped and fell on a slippery patch on the deck. The fall caused a knee injury which required an arthroscopic knee surgery. The complaint alleges Norwegian Cruise Lines was negligent by failing to: (1) properly maintain the flooring with appropriate non-skid properties to prevent the fall, (2) place signs warning passengers of the wet and slippery area, (3) install proper lighting so the wet area would be open and obvious to passengers as well as (4) make the area dry and safe after being on notice of the hazard.

February 7, 2012

Brais Law Firm Obtains Compensation for Injured Grenada Carnival Cruise Line Seafarer

Grenada Cruise Seafarer Injury.gifAfter having a Federal Court declare Carnival's Panamanian choice of law clause within its crew member employment contract unenforceable, the Brais Law Firm brought an arbitration claim on behalf of an injured Grenada seafarer asserting a United States Jones Act claim for negligence. The arbitration claim alleged the crew member injured his knee when he tripped and fell due to an improperly maintained crew stairway and demanded compensation for pain, suffering as well as lost earnings. Shortly after Carnival provided the crew member all necessary medical treatment in Miami, the parties agreed to a confidential settlement.

February 7, 2012

Brais Law Firm Settles Jones Act Negligence and Unseaworthiness Lawsuit on Behalf of British Crew Member

British Cruise Injury Law Firm.jpgThe Brais law firm settled a Jones Act negligence and unseaworthienss lawsuit on behalf of a British crewmember who worked as a dancer aboard the Carnival cruise ship MIRACLE. The complaint filed in Miami, Florida allege Carnival cruises was negligence and the cruise ship unseaworthy when the leg of a prop chair the dancer was ordered to perform on broke causing her to fall during a performance. The fall resulted in the crew member breaking her wrist. Court papers assert the chair was not structurally sufficient to be used as a prop and Carnival did not have an adequate maintenance schedule its prop chairs to discover defects before the chairs fail. The seafarer and Carnival entered into a confidential settlement before trial.

February 6, 2012

Brais Law Firm Settles Cruise Ship Norovirus Wrongful Death Case

Massachusetts Cruise Injury Lawyer.gifBrais Law firm represented the family of a Massachusetts man who died of Norovirus aboard the Celebrity cruise ship SOLSTICE. The complaint filed in Miami Federal Court alleged the passenger boarded the SOLSTICE without being warned the ship was experiencing a two week long Norovirus outbreak. The complaint explains on the fifth day of the cruise, the passenger started exhibited symptoms of Norovirus along with several other passengers which overwhelmed the ship's medical staff. Court papers state the man was sent back to his cabin where he later died. An autopsy performed by the Broward County Coroner confirmed the death was caused by Norovirus. The family and cruise line entered into a confidential settlement after the case was filed.

February 5, 2012

The Brais Law Injury Lawyers Sue Royal Caribbean Cruises on Behalf of Injured Indiana Passenger

Indiana Cruise Injury Lawyer.jpgAn Indiana passenger hired Brais law to represent him and a slip and fall injury aboard the Royal Caribbean Cruise ship OASIS OF THE SEAS. The complaint filed in Miami, Florida alleges the passenger slipped and fell fracturing his ankle when walking along the lido deck of the massive cruise liner while on vacation. Papers filed with the court assert Royal Caribbean Cruises was negligent for failing to undertake the reasonable measures of keeping the area dry as well as failing to maintain the deck's anti-skid properties.

February 4, 2012

Guatemalan Crewmember Hires the Brais Law Firm for Jones Act Injury Case

Guatemalan Seafarer Injury Lawyer.gifThe Brais law firm attorneys filed a Jones Act personal injury case on behalf of a Guatemalan crewmember. The complaint brought in Miami, Florida alleges crew spilled condiments on the floor between shifts which blended into the coloring of the galley's floor making it not readily apparent. After reporting for duty the next morning the cook slipped and fell on the condiment which caused him to twist his knee and strike his head against a table. This accident resulted in a significant injury to the crewmember's neck and knee. The Complaint alleges the employer was negligent and the ship unseaworthy by allowing crew access the galley after hours and not providing anti-skid matting commonly found in ship galleys and shore-based kitchens around the world.

February 3, 2012

Brais Law Attorneys Represent Peruvian Seafarer in Arbitration Against Carnival Cruise Line

Peru Cruise Line Lawyer.gifAfter successfully convincing a Miami Federal Court to declare a provision within Carnival Cruise Line's Seafarers Agreement that deprives the right to bring a United States Jones Act negligence claim unenforceable, the Brais Law attorneys filed an arbitration claim against the cruise line on behalf of a Peruvian stateroom attendant. The arbitration claim alleges Carnival was negligent in causing significant injuries to the seafarer's neck and back by requiring her to work excessive hours without providing another crewmember to assist her with heavy lifting assignments. The claim further alleges Carnival failed to tender a qualified surgeon. This resulted in the performance of a substandard surgery which necessitated an additional surgical procedure to the crewmember's spine. The arbitration claim demands 5 Million Dollars in compensation for pain, disfigurement, lost ability to return to work aboard cruise ships and future medical expenses.

February 2, 2012

Italian Crewmember Hires Brais Law Attorneys to File a Jones Act Claim Against Carnival Cruises

Italian Cruise Injury Attorney.jpgThe attorneys of Brais law have been hired to represent an Italian crewmember who was blinded by the negligent acts of Carnival Cruises. The complaint filed claims Carnival Cruises was negligent by not properly training the crewmember on how to properly mix chemicals for the cruise ship LEGEND's desalinization plaint. This caused a chemical reaction resulting the crewmember's loss of sight. The lawsuit also alleges Carnival Cruises did not provide proper eye protection. A desalination plant converts saltwater into the freshwater used by the ship during its voyages.