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May 24, 2012

Brais Law Firm Represents North Carolina Passenger Against Carnival Cruises

North Carolina Cruise Injury Law Firm.jpgThe admiralty and maritime injury attorneys of Brais & Brais brought a lawsuit against Carnival Cruises on behalf of a North Carolina passenger. The passenger sustained a broken leg aboard the CARNIVAL FASCINATION when she slipped and fell on water which accumulated on a highly polished floor near the pool deck's elevators. The complaint filed in Miami, Florida alleges Carnival was negligent by failing to mop up water on an already slick surface located in a high foot traffic area.

May 15, 2012

Brais Law Settles Passenger Personal Injury Claim against a Miami Based Cruise Line

Florida Cruise Injury Lawyer.gifBrais Law cruise accident attorneys settled a personal injury against a major Miami based cruise line on behalf of Florida Passenger who slipped and fell on the ship's pool deck. The fall caused a knee injury which required two knee surgeries with the possibility of a future total knee replacement. During the pre-lawsuit settlement negotiation, it was brought out that cause of the accident was a result of the deck being unreasonably slippery.

May 13, 2012

Brais Law Lawyers Sue Norwegian Cruise Line for Accident aboard the NORWEGIAN PRIDE

Texas Cruise Injury Lawyer.gifThe cruise injury attorneys of Brais Law have been retained to represent a crewmember who suffered a serious neck injury aboard the cruise ship NORWEGIAN PRIDE. In a case file in Miami, Florida, Brais Law alleges ship officers ordered plaintiff, a female security guard from Texas, to secure deckchairs on the top deck while the ship was experience gale force winds. The lawsuit alleges the winds were so severe that the crewmember was latterly blown over and landed on her neck. Cruise lines have a duty to not order crew to work in unsafe conditions if the task could have been performed before the weather became too harsh or if the job ordered to perform was not essentially necessary for the ship's operation.

May 12, 2012

Brais Law Maritime Attorneys Settle Hookah Diving Drowning Case

Florida Dive Drowning Lawyer.gifThe Brais Law dive accident attorneys have been retained to represent the estate and family of drowned recreational diver Leonardo Rosales. On October 20, 2010, Mr. Rosales went diving for lobster off Ft. Lauderdale with a friend Enrique Pitta. The two men utilized a “Third Lung” manufactured by the Florida based Brownie company to serve as their air delivery system. The third lung delivers air from the surface to the divers below thus eliminating the need of SCUBA tanks. This method of diving is often referred to as hookah diving as the air supply hoses coming out from the compressor resembles a hookah. On behalf of Mr. Rosales’ wife and two children, Brais Law filed a complaint in Broward County, Florida seeking compensation for the tragic drowning. The lawsuit alleged, among other things, that Mr. Pitta breached the duty he owed to Mr. Rosales (his “dive buddy”) by failing to maintain visual contact and aid in a rescue effort once Mr. Rosales started to drown. The parties reached and out of court confidential settlement.