June 2012 Archives

June 15, 2012

Brais Law Sues Carnival Cruises for Sebastian, Florida Passenger's Injuries

Florida Cruise Injury Lawyer.gifThe Florida cruise lawyers of Brais & Brais filed a lawsuit on behalf of a Sebastian, Florida resident who was injured on a shore excursion during a Carnival cruise. The complaint filed in Federal Court in Miami, Florida alleges Carnival selected and paid for a swim with the dolphins / snorkeling excursion. The excursion took place in Chankanaab Park Mexico. While making her way to the beach, the passenger was required to descent an uneven, dilapidated and slippery stairway. On this stairway the passenger fell fracturing her ankle. The lawsuit alleges that Carnival was aware of the dangerous stairway but failed to warn the passenger of the hazard.

June 3, 2012

Brais Law Sues Beaches Resorts for Negligent Plumbing on Behalf of Maryland Couple

Maryland Resort Injury Lawyer.gifThe resort injury lawyers of Brais & Brais filed a lawsuit against Beaches Resorts in Miami, Florida for negligent plumbing which severely burned a Maryland woman while honeymooning. The couple purchased a wedding package for the Beaches Sandy Bay Resort. Court documents read upon arriving at the resort, the couple noticed the water from their room’s bathroom fixtures was extremely hot and notified the resort of the problem. Later on, Beaches personnel informed the couple the problem was resolved and they could continue using the bathroom fixtures. The wife, relying on Beaches’ representation, utilized the room’s bidet. The problem was not fixed and she severely burned herself. The lawsuit alleges that later investigation revealed that Beaches’ “fix” was to shut off the cold water value so when the bidet was used only the super heated water flowed from the faucet. Beaches is a subsidiary of Sandals Resorts International.

June 1, 2012

Brais Law Attorneys Sue Royal Caribbean Cruises on Behalf of Injured Texas Passenger

Texas Cruise Injury Lawyer.gifThe maritime injury attorneys of Brais Law filed suit in Miami Federal Court against Royal Caribbean Cruises for its negligence in causing a significant knee injury to a passenger from Texas. The lawsuit alleges the passenger was descending an ornamental staircase which, which was for aesthetic reasons, not equipped with a handrail for the bottom stairs. The complaint reveals that when the passenger reached the end of the stairwell she fell because there was no handrail for her to grab. The fall resulted in a serious knee injury requiring surgery.