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January 18, 2015

Injured Minnesota Cruise Passenger Hires BBR Law Firm

Minnesota Cruise Injury Lawyer.pngThe cruise injury law firm of Brais Brais & Rusak filed a lawsuit against Royal Caribbean Curies for injuries sustained on a tour excursion. The Complaint filed in Federal Court alleges a Minnesota couple decided to take an East Asian cruise aboard the Mariner of the Seas in January of last year. As part of their vacation, they purchased an "Island Hopping" excursion to occur in Langkawi, Malaysia from Royal Caribbean.

On January 18, 2014, the couple reported to the Island Hopping excursion area which was within shouting distance of the cruise ship. They were directed onto a small boat which seated 10 people. The tour boat left the cruise pier and started across the bay. Upon leaving the sheltered harbor, it became obvious that the weather conditions in the bay were very poor for such a boat ride. The wind was blowing 20-30 kts and the wave height in the bay was in excess of three feet. It was a very rough and dangerous ride.

Leaving Wet Rice Island, matters got worse. The couple was one of the first people to get on the tour boat to return to the cruise ship pier. Once they got on the boat, the tour operator kept loading more and more people. Though the boat only seated 10, before setting out, the tour operator overloaded the boat with 13 people. All passengers on the tour boat were passengers from the Mariner of the Seas. Given it was a Malaysian holiday, there was no other way for the the couple to return from Wet Rice Island to the cruise ship. As such, they were forced to ride back on the overloaded tour boat.

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August 30, 2013

Miami, Florida Woman Retains BBR for Fractured foot Claim against Royal Caribbean Cruise Line

Florida Cruise Accident Lawyer.gifA Miami, Florida woman has retained the cruise injury lawyers of BBR to represent her in a claim against Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines. The woman slipped and fell on the wooden Lido deck aboard the Majesty of the Seas . This accident resulted in a fracture to at least one bone in her foot. Often times the Lido deck, which receives a extraordinary amount of foot traffic, is not properly maintained causing a greater likelihood of slip and fall accidents to occur. BBR has written extensively on cruise ship slip and fall accidents and has represented numerous clients against cruise lines.

August 29, 2013

Royal Caribbean Utility Cleaner Injured Aboard the Mariner of the Seas Retains BBR Lawyers

Honduras Cruise Injury Lawyer.gifThe cruise injury lawyers of BBR were retained by a Royal Caribbean Utility Cleaner to bring a Jones Act Negligence, Unseaworthienss and Failure to Provide Maintenance and Cure claim. The crewmemeber from Honduras was ordered to lift a heavy waste barrel in the Mariner of the Seas' galley without proper assistance or lifting belt. While attempting to perform this task he sustained a herniated disc requiring decompression surgery. Often times cruise lines overwork utility workers and do not provide proper lifting equipment to safely perform their jobs.

August 15, 2013

Brais Brais & Rusak Represent Canadian Child Who was Burned aboard the Royal Caribbean Independence of the Seas

Canada Cruise Injury Law Firm.pngThe cruise injury attorneys of Brais Brais & Rusak have been retained to present a claim against Royal Caribbean Cruises concerning a serious burn suffered by an Edmonton, Canada child. The child vacationing aboard the Independence of the Seas with her family was burned by scalding hot water from the hot chocolate dispenser. It was discovered that the cruise line had knowledge of the water dispenser not properly working throughout the cruise.

February 13, 2013

Keith Brais and Richard Rusak File Suit on Behalf of Injured Peruvian Cruise Worker

Peru Cruise Line Lawyer.gifMiami attorneys Keith Brais and Richard Rusak filed a lawsuit against Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines on behalf of an injured cruise worker from Peru. The Complaint filed in Miami, Florida alleges the cruise line required the stateroom attendant to lift a staggering amounts of heavy luggage as a part of his job without proper assistance, safety equipment or rest breaks. Court documents reveal the heavy lifting caused the cruise worker to suffer multiple lumbar herniations with nerve root compression requiring a three level lumbar decompression and fusion.

November 22, 2012

Cruise Injury Attorneys Keith Brais & Richard Rusak Bring Suit Against Royal Caribbean on Behalf of Texas Woman

Texas Cruise Injury Lawyer.jpgBrais Law's cruise injury attorneys Keith Bras & Richard Rusak filed a lawsuit in the Federal District Court for the Southern District of Florida on behalf of a Texas woman. Court papers reveal that the passenger slipped and fell while walking on Deck 11 of the Royal Caribbean cruise ship MARINER OF THE SEAS. The cruise line decided to set up a t-shirt stand in an area which blocked access to available handrails. Not having access to any handrails, the passenger slipped and fell on a wet and unreasonably slippery deck injuring her knee.

July 26, 2012

Brais Law Attorneys Represent Injured Ukrainian Crewmember against Royal Caribbean Cruises

Ukraine Cruise Injury Lawyer.jpgThe cruise attorneys of Brais Law represent a Ukrainian crewmember in a work related injury sustained on board Royal Caribbean's cruise ship INDEPENDENCE OF THE SEAS. The seafarer worked in the capacity of a waiter. His job required him to work several hours lifting heavy trays with little break time. While lifting a heavy tray during a dinner service, his back gave out causing multiple spinal disc herniations.

July 21, 2012

Brais Law Sues Royal Caribbean Cruises on Behalf of a Houston, Texas Passenger

Texas Cruise Injury Lawyer.jpgThe cruise injury lawyers at Brais law have filed a lawsuit against Royal Caribbean Cruises for an injury to a passenger from Houston, Texas. In the Complaint filed in Miami federal court, the passenger alleges the cruise line's defective design of a stairway which was not equipped with a rail extending the entire length was a contributing factor to a fall which caused a serious injury to the passenger's leg. The accident occurred on the VOYAGER OF THE SEAS during a Caribbean cruise that left from Galveston, Texas.

June 1, 2012

Brais Law Attorneys Sue Royal Caribbean Cruises on Behalf of Injured Texas Passenger

Texas Cruise Injury Lawyer.gifThe maritime injury attorneys of Brais Law filed suit in Miami Federal Court against Royal Caribbean Cruises for its negligence in causing a significant knee injury to a passenger from Texas. The lawsuit alleges the passenger was descending an ornamental staircase which, which was for aesthetic reasons, not equipped with a handrail for the bottom stairs. The complaint reveals that when the passenger reached the end of the stairwell she fell because there was no handrail for her to grab. The fall resulted in a serious knee injury requiring surgery.