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Articles Posted in Resort Law

New York Cruise Injury Attorneys.jpgA New York man who slipped and fell at the Sandals Whitehouse Village & Spa has hired the resort injuries attorneys of BBR to represent him. The guest of the Sandals’ all inclusive resort suffered several fractured ribs and other personal injuries as a result of a wet and slippery floor on the property. Resorts owe their guests the legal duty of reasonable care which includes preventing floors from becoming unreasonably slippery.

Beaches Resort Injury Law Firm.jpgThe resort injury attorneys of Brais Law Firm have brought a lawsuit on behalf of a Chicago woman injured in a snorkeling accident operated by Beaches Resorts. The lawsuit filed in Miami, Florida alleges while vacationing at the Beaches Turks & Caicos Resort Villages & Spa the woman decided to participate in a snorkeling excursion offered as part of the all inclusive Beaches package. While heading out to the snorkeling site the seas became more and more rough. Not canceling the trip, the Beaches employees encouraged the guests to get into the water but to stay near the guide. The woman relying on the Beaches’ representative complied and entered the water. While staying right behind the guide, three large waves broke in rapid succession causing her body to slam onto the coral reef causing significant and permanent scaring.

A couple vacationing at Sandals Resorts International’s St. Lucia Halcyon Resort brought suit against Sandals and their travel agency in Federal Court located in Miami, Florida. Citing the couple’s compliant, the Miami, Florida Federal Judge wrote:

In September 2009, husband and wife William and Karen Cadow booked an anniversary vacation package to St. Lucia through a California-based travel agency, Classic Vacations, LLC. The plaintiffs claim Classic Vacations sold them an all inclusive nine-day stay at Sandals Halcyon Resort in a “Grande Luxe Beachfront Room” with a full ocean view. Once the Cadows arrived in St. Lucia on April 9, 2010, however, a Sandals employee told them the “Grande Luxe Beachfront Room” was unavailable, and they would be “upgraded” to a better room. The Cadows were disappointed to discover the upgraded room offered only a “small partial ocean view.” Unfortunately, their vacation took another turn for the worse on the second night, when the Cadows returned to their hotel room only to discover a resort employee hiding under the bed. The employee allegedly threatened the Cadows with a gun and assaulted them while trying to escape with their laptop computer, digital camera, and other property.

Over motions to dismiss filed by the travel agency, the judge allowed the case to continue against both Classic Vacations and Sandals. This case is still pending.